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                                        || AVE OLYMPERIEL/ADONAI ||



    || - Hello and Welcome to Olymperiel's/Adonai's/Akatriel's Official Spirits/Entities/Ritual Binding/conjuration, Tarot readings, spells, magickal questions, prayers works and Request Coven/Oracle Shop.



    || - My Name is Henry and today here I am to present you another one of our most Powerful and Legendary Product of our/my Family's Coven !


    || - "  The Zodiac Angel, Truly Dancing and Destroying the Devil's Cult, Secretly and Swiftly Achieving all the Missions, Plans that the Positive Coven Asked/Ordered. Nothing else matters except The High vibrational Successful Final Outcomes, Let me Keep Dancing for you Mommy " - Henry, Virgo.


    || - This is a Direct Sexual Scorpio Injection & Binding Ritual, which means that the Named Spirit is Solemnly going to be Bound/Attached to you.


    || - There are many forms and Types of Scorpio Spirits ( Elemental, angelic, demonic, neutrals Etc… ) But theses one are specifically For Our customers who Want and feel Attracted to Sexual Scorpio Spirits.


    || - Sexual Scorpio Spirits are extremely Hot and Very Sexually, Passionately Warm types of Beings as well as they are extremely Strategic and Intelligently Manipulative when it comes to their plans, manifestations, desires, wishes, Goals Etc…


    || - These spirits are seductively and Irresistibly poisonous to others with  their moves and acts. As Very " MasterMind and Confident Animal Spirits "  and As One of The most powerful Animal Spirit that Hold Dominions and control over the Sexual and Social Catalyst of The Universe, Their energies and auras are directly and Quickly affecting other's brain/mind on a deeper social and lustful level.


    || - Warning : Be Aware that the Keepers of These Spirits tend to attract more Lust, People for Sex, Wealth and money Giver types of men ans women, ecxitation, wealth from people and also strong sexual Encounters around them due to the Deep and Chatismatic Sexual Complexion and Sharp Sexual energetic Features that the Sexual Scorpio Spirit will make you Radiate/exude through your vibrational fields as well as your aura, energy and Physical attributes.


    || - Sexual Scorpio Spirits Also are perfectly skilled at and will offer you  the gift of piercing the insecurities and Temptations of Oneself or/and of a whole Group/World to make you manipulate and control them in order for the Servitudes of your desire, plans, Goals and wishes to be completely maneuvered to Complete and Absolute Success.


    || - Sexual Scorpio Spirits also will Turn down and Cleanse you from all energetic Ugliness, parasites and imperfections of your Spirit & Soul to induce people's Reality/Mindset with the Addiction of Your Presence and to as well make others see less flaws on and within you the more that they spend times with you.


    || - We Do not recommend you to let any types of people that you are not really attracted to get in Touch with you physically if you are attached to a Sexual Scorpio Spirit, Because theses people will literally want to feel you/fuck you and will not know how to stop, Sexual Scorpio Spirits are just as powerful as a Sexual/Social Attraction Drug ( And even more ).


    || -  Sexual Scorpio Spirits are Also Really Good at enhancing Sexual/Social/Love/Lust cirscumstances and Encounters. So Yes, They are and will be a Huge help/Blessing in your Workplaces for getting more attractions, success, promotions, benefits, Positive Financial Gains, Abundant Programs and opportunities  etc.. Sexual Scorpio Spirits will also make everything you do, create, say or write bath in their Sexual magnetism and in their mesmerising/hypnotic Energy to create The Strongest forms of Ties between You, Your Work and the 3d  world ( Allowing you to Attract and Manifest In a Deeper and Connectingly Faster way ).


    || - What else can we say About Them ? - Sexual Scorpio Spirits are overall really useful and powerfullly beneficial Spirit that add strong boosting powers, Beauty, Attractiveness, Sex and energies to your Physical, mental, spiritual Nature and Magick to make you live the life of your Dreams, They are very Dominant Beings so trust us Scorpio Spirits do not Play when their Keepers have plans and Targets on mind. 

    Sexual Scorpio Direct Spirit Binding/Injection Ritual.

    • || - Do not Compare Sexual Scorpio Spirits with The Scorpio Sign of The Zodiac, they absolutely have nothing in Common for the simple reason that theses Spirits tend to Normally stay away from the 3d if we don't call them, They are very Rare Here on theses Planes Since we Didn't find any of them that was not far from the Earthly Planes/Realms.

      || - Sexual Scorpio Spirits are excellent Spirits to add at your Spirit Family just like any of our Spirits who are present in our Website Shop ( They are actually one of the best to be honest and really Addictive and Hot to Feel around you as they will Fill you with High Sexual Vibrations that arouse people around you depending on your work related, sex love or Lust desires/goals  ).


      || - I Highly Believe That You are Effortlessly and Knowledgeably Ready.

      || - Here is A Well Defined, Simple But Completely Important List Of The Informations that you will have to send me to allow my Team and I, Henry to perform the Named Work for you


      • Full Name.

      • Birth Date.

      • A Picture/Photo of Your Face.

      • A Picture/Photo of the Palms of your Hands.

      • Choose if you desire/Want A Male or Female Sexual Scorpio Spirit.

      • Your Gender.

      • Your Sexuality.

      • Your Sun Zodiac Sign.

      • Your Venus Zodiac Sign. 

      • Your Jupiter Zodiac Sign.


      • Nothing Less, Nothing More My love.


      || - Accomplishments/Performing Time Of The Named Work : 1-9 Days Maximum ( You of course have the possibility to tell us if there will be a specific day when you will want us to perform the work for you, there is absolutely No Problem With That ) !


      || - Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions or specific Requests.


      || - Much Love, Light And Appreciation, High Regards, Bless You All, Olymperiel's Team.


      • ||  - IMPORTANT : Nothing is going to be shipped to your home or to you physically ! The order/process Will and is going to be done via INSTAGRAM messenger. My magnificent work is and will be done in my family's coven or in my own home or in my Apartment's ritual/conjuration/Spirits binding spaces , NO pictures and videos of the process will be sent to You ! Thank you so much for understanding that !

        ||  -  WARNING : Do not purchase from Olymperiel's shop if you are not an advanced spirit keeper/Ritual Biding Holder and have no idea how to deal with Spirits in general. All the spirits/entities/Ritual biding that I do and works with are extremely safe and they will always stay on your Side so you do not need to be affraid of anything ! You will receive the confirmation when your binding is complete by Olymperiel's Team. If you have any questions or special paid Ritual binding custom request, please feel divinely free to message me Here !

        || - My Chosen  Spirits and Ritual Biding works Will never hurt or harm you, I always make sure that all the spirits/entities/Gods/Goddesses/Saints etc... that I work with are completely and fully safe !

        ||  - All the Pictures/Photos/Videos/Audios/Music that are present in the presentation of my products DO NOT BELONG TO ME , all the credits go to their utmost righteous and true Owners/Creators ! I only crafted/created the aesthetic of my product's presentations.

        ||  - Disclaimer below : The law requires that tarot readings, spells, rituals biding works, and other items that fall into the metaphysical category have to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You Must be 18 years old to purchase. I, myself take full accountability for the results that you are gonna obtain with my works, I also acknowledge and present myself as someone who will eternally have good intentions for all my positive and respectful clients, I have a very strong lustful desire to help each and everyone of who will honestly and faithfully open themselves to ! Thank you so much !

        || - I Gratefully thanks you in advance for everything, I also wish you the best, much love, loyalty and warm respect !


        || - By Olymperiel's Team.

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