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The Beginning Of


Olymperiel, also known as a Olympea and Olymperoth is a magnificently glorious and Divine Subliminal Creator who was born into the Womb of Witchcraft and Dark/White Arts Itself. When he was a child he was forced to learn the Laws, Lessons and Hidden, Forgotten Secrets of The Ancients Forms of Magic By the Coven of His Family without his Consent in Order to Make the World Awaken Their Higher Divine True Self by restoring the Quintessence of Light And Darkness which is also the Source of God.

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Our Mission is to only and strictly bring the truth of the Gods/Goddesses and most importantly the supreme source of the most High by helping the chosen ones who will come here to awaken their True Higher and Divine Self. The Divine and I will not rest until that the Prophecy of The Almighty Creator will be fulfilled, And the Darkness will be eternally At peace, All Wars will be Over, Blessed Be The Rightful God/King, Victory Shall continue to live in His Divine Will. - By Olymperiel.


Your Freedom is Yours, this is why I am divinely here to help you to become a divine master of it, you are the vision of your powers, abilities and beauty, you have the right to create and embrace the truth of your Higher God Given Self's Gifts,  Blessed Be The Holistic Judgment of The  Saints, Angels, and of The Almighties.

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