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  • || -  Olymperiel's Present : Henry's Perfume Fragrance/Note Binding N°3- Sultry Rosewood, Berries, Cherries & Apples.


    || - Our Perfume Fragrance Section is  focused on Binding/Attaching the Spirits/Spiritual Essence of Different Fragrances And Notes that are/were/was Ingrained in different Luxury perfumes around The World ( Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada Etc…)  . Each of our Perfumes Fragrances Binding Ritual will bind/attach your Soul to a specific Fragrance/Note Spirits. 


    || - This Perfume Fragrance is to Bind/Attach The perfect mixture of the Fragrance Spirits of Rosewood, Berries, Cherries & Apples Combined to you.


    || - There is definitely no better Luxury Perfume Fragrance Spirits combination when it comes to these Absolutely Seductive, Tempting, Sweet and Sultry Notes. When reunited/combined Together These Fragrance/Notes Spirits will invoke and call on a sensuously fascinating, ravishing, captivating, bewitching, provocative Art of Divinely Hypnotic Seduction that will instantly inspire all Beauty Standards and Physical Reflections/Humans of this world to Bow Down and Fall at your Feet, Desires, Needs, Advances ( No matter what theses Subjects can be ). This Seductively Irresistible Combined Fragrances Spirits will Become Totally One with your Vibrational, Mental and Physical Energies/Looks to offer you the best version of Yourself.


    || - The most Powerful Ability of this Fragrance is to make any of your Targets, lovers, partners, people, Individuals Mindlessly Attracted, Besotted, Mesmerized, Bewitched and enraptured by you and only your Entire Self, Energies, Vibrations, Beauty, Touches, Kisses, Voices Etc… You will Truly Become The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Sexologue of Everyone's Deepest and Strongest Heart's Love/Sexual/Passionate Desires. These Fragrances Spirits Hold Together the most Seductive powers that can make Towers of " Comparing " Men and Women Look Inferiorly and desperately Fighting for a Little Pinch of What so called  " Beauty " in front of you. Such A Scandal To Say This Isn't It ? But " Scandals Are always so True " - Henry.


    || - I personally recently used this when I had to investigate/obtain for my coven certain documents from very High Ranked/Important Individuals in the French Systems to secretly expose some of their company's activities that were not right at all. It was Absolutely A Successful work of Pure Seductive and Manipulative easiness and Expertise for me with the Help of these Fragrance/Notes Spirits.


    || - This Combined Perfume Fragrance Spirits Product Is Unisex and Fully Welcome Everyone from all Genders, and sexualities. Your Mind will always Follows You Desires as well your Sexuality will always follow your Sexual Preferences. ( Your Pheromones will perfectly adapt themselves with these Amazing Fragrance Spirits in order for you to  Appear Irresistibly Masculine if you are a Man or Irresistibly Feminine if you are A Woman ), Theses Fragrance/Notes Spirits will Fits/Suits you No matter what you are and no matter how you consider yourself to looks or/and be.


    || - This is Currently The Best Combined Perfume Fragrance Spirits that is present on our Website for Beauty, God-Like/Goddess-Like Seduction, Charm, Automatic Hypnotic Power over Others, And Strong Manipulative Influence over Everyone due to The Spiritually Seductive and Irresistible Projections of The named fragrances/notes. You are Truly Not Going to Be Deceived with " Henry's Perfume Fragrance Binding N°3 " .


    || - Before Thinking of or After Purchasing This Product, Make sure to contact us to make us ask and explain to you what are going to be the personal informations that we will need from you to perform the Named work on you


    || - Here is where you can actually contact us :  


    || -  On Instagram :  Olymperiel ( Henry♍ ).


    || - Or You can simply Email Us : 


    || - 


    || - If you have any questions, requests or Custom Spellworks/Ritualworks/Binding Works requests Etc…, Feel free to contact us without hesitation.


    || - Much Love, Light And Appreciation, High Regards, Bless You All, Olymperiel's Team.


    Henry’s Perfume Fragrance Binding N°3 : Sultry Rosewood, Berry, Cherry & Apple.

    • |  - IMPORTANT : Nothing is going to be shipped to your home or to you physically ! The order/process Will and is going to be done via INSTAGRAM messenger. My magnificent work is and will be done in my family's coven or in my own home or in my Apartment's ritual/conjuration/Spirits binding spaces , NO pictures and videos of the process will be sent to You ! Thank you so much for understanding that !

      ||  -  WARNING : Do not purchase from Olymperiel's shop if you are not an advanced spirit keeper/Ritual Biding Holder and have no idea how to deal with Spirits in general. All the spirits/entities/Ritual biding that I do and works with are extremely safe and they will always stay on your Side so you do not need to be affraid of anything ! You will receive the confirmation when your binding is complete by Olymperiel's Team. If you have any questions or special paid Ritual binding custom request, please feel divinely free to message me Here !

      || - My Chosen  Spirits and Ritual Biding works Will never hurt or harm you, I always make sure that all the spirits/entities/Gods/Goddesses/Saints etc... that I work with are completely and fully safe !

      ||  - All the Pictures/Photos/Videos/Audios/Music that are present in the presentation of my products DO NOT BELONG TO ME , all the credits go to their utmost righteous and true Owners/Creators ! I only crafted/created the aesthetic of my product's presentations.

      ||  - Disclaimer below : The law requires that tarot readings, spells, rituals biding works, and other items that fall into the metaphysical category have to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You Must be 18 years old to purchase. I, myself take full accountability for the results that you are gonna obtain with my works, I also acknowledge and present myself as someone who will eternally have good intentions for all my positive and respectful clients, I have a very strong lustful desire to help each and everyone of who will honestly and faithfully open themselves to ! Thank you so much !

      || - I Gratefully thanks you in advance for everything, I also wish you the best, much love, loyalty and warm respect !


      || - By Olymperiel's Team.

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